HubSpot & NextGen RevGen Announce Strategic Partnership


A win-win for SMBs, NextGen RevGen, & HubSpot

Dallas, TX – January 10, 2018 – NextGen RevGen, a revenue consulting firm for small and medium-sized businesses, is proud to announce we have partnered with HubSpot, the industry leader in Marketing and Sales automation technology, to become a Sales Solution Partner.

SMBs will be the biggest beneficiaries of this partnership. NextGen RevGen clients will be taught how to implement and adopt modern sales and marketing methodologies to match the way modern buyers make purchasing decisions. Their clients will be equipped with a methodology and software that powers growth and revenue. It will bring their Sales and Marketing teams to the new world of automation, increasing effectiveness, efficiency and eliminating wasted time on manual processes.

“It’s an absolute honor and privilege to become a HubSpot Sales Solution Partner,” said Jared Rhue, Director of Marketing and Business Development for NextGen RevGen. “Being able to offer the knowledge, support, and technology to our clients is a game-changer for them. The fact that we now have the ability to teach our clients the Inbound methodology from the creators of it and provide their industry-leading Inbound Sales, Marketing, and CRM software allows us to generate the greatest impact on their revenue growth.”

“Jared has sat in the seat and done the job, and as a result has seen HubSpot as a sales rep, sales manager, and marketer,”, said Sam Belt, Senior Sales Partner Manager at HubSpot. “This allows him to get hands-on with his clients and drive real, practical strategies that improve sales efficiency and drive bottom line revenue.”

For more information:

Contact Jared Rhue, Director of Marketing and Business Development, NextGen RevGen at (972) 400-3807 or

About NextGen RevGen

NextGen RevGen’s mission is to teach and assist SMBs how to meet their revenue growth goals. We understand the challenges SMBs face because we are one. We take great pride in watching our clients grow and succeed.

About HubSpot

Founded in 2006, HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) is the global leader in inbound marketing and sales software. Their mission is to change the way businesses market and sell, for the better.

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